Hi I’m Mark. Thanks for visiting my site.

As you can see a lot of the information on this site is about Stuart Zadel’s ‘Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference’. Why am I promoting this? Quite simply because these strategies WORK. I first attended Stuart’s event a few years ago and was blown away not only by Stuart but by the whole crew and community. Stuart has made dramatic changes to the way I think about investing and live my life. This information was never taught to me by family, friends or at school. I have met countless people in Stuart’s community who are VERY successful at investing in property. And they are making money now. Yes in 2015 these strategies work. In fact it’s the best time to invest in property if you have the right knowledge.

The good news is that Stuart’s two day seminar is FREE to attend. There is no risk like with other seminar/strategies where you pay upfront and don’t quite know what to expect. Stuart has been around for a long time so there is a lot of real proof that he is legit. In fact he has one of the longest running property investment seminars in Australia. The core of his speakers such as Dominique Grubisa and Cherie Barber have been speaking at his event for many years. The have very public profiles and really care about their students achieving success. I recently spoke with Cherie and showed her a 4 unit development we were going to develop and she gave me some invaluable advice about tweaking my strategy to maximize profits. You will often find Cherie talking with students before and after events even with her busy TV/travel schedule.

If you have come to this website you most likely have found it searching for discounted property or property investment seminars. The best advice I have for you is go along and hear Stuart talk and make a decision for yourself. Click here if you want free tickets. They do sell out so be quick.

Soon I will be creating a ‘Real Deals’ page where you can see some of the deals current students are doing. You will get to see purchase/sale price in RP Data and renovation pictures. Stay tuned..

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