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It is possible to get property from a distressed seller for 40% below market value. You won’t find these deals without some education. Read on to find out how 100’s of students of Zadel Property Education are finding these properties. There are many successful students using these strategies and it’s quite easy to understand how they make money in property.

If your spending time searching for distressed property Australia you using the same strategy as 90% of people trying to find cheap homes. There are better ways to find these deals that the top property investors in Australia will teach you for free.

‘Find out where to buy distressed property here’.

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What exactly is ‘distressed property’? If a person who ‘owns’ real estate can’t pay their mortgage the banks close in and can take the property. They kick the owner out and sell the property to recoup their costs. Their is a way out for the seller but most people don’t know this. YOU can help people before the banks close in! If you know how to contact these people you can help them get out of debt and make a tidy profit. At first I was unsure about this strategy but when I personally saw others doing it and making instant money I knew it worked. I attending the free seminar where debt expert Dominique Grubisa teaches this method and after it finished I had contact with 100’s of distressed sellers. They were all in trouble with the banks and I knew how to help them. These strategies ARE working in a declining market and will continue to work throughout 2016 and beyond.

If you want to know more about this distressed property course click here (Free entry $497 value) to find out more.

Proven Results and Testimonials From Stuart Zadel’s Students

Many of Dominique’s students have gone on to make huge profits and make a full time career in real estate. It is common for her students to get deals where they gain instant  equity on $50,000-$100,000. Many of these properties are in need of a quick cosmetic renovation and a lot of Dominique’s students have used Cherie Barber to help. Take Kaylie and Wayne for example. I first met them when they were starting out at one of Stuart’s events. They went on to make massive profit from buying cheap homes and quick cosmetic renovations. Ask any property ‘guru’ and they will tell you this can’t be done in the current market. Wrong! Daniel from Victoria is proof of that.

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Did you know YOU can get distressed property?

Most Australian’s don’t know they can help people in get out of trouble with the banks. This information is FREE to learn at this property development course. She shares everything that she learned as a high profile barrister to locate and help people in financial debt. Then she teaches how to help get them out of their bad situation and make money while doing it. Once you learn how she does it you start to see how simple it really is!

Instead of spending endless hours Googling for deals, take a look at Dominique Grubisa’s Real Estate Rescue system. The reality is that discounted housing is everywhere in Australia. Everyday in every city and town people are cashing in and buying different types of cheap homes. The question is how do we find these deals to buy? There is no easy way to find these deals endlessly searching on the internet. People spend many hours looking for repossessed houses for sale, foreclosure homes for sale. The reality is there is a lot of competition when information is publicly displayed on the internet.

The good news is cheap property deals are happening all over Australia and are readily available but aren’t advertised anywhere online. However to find these places you need to have a strategy to get in touch with distressed sellers. Before you purchase a property make sure you get a through inspection from a trusted business like Edmonton Home Inspections. Without a quality inspection you never know what you my find after purchase.

The most effective strategy to find discounts in Australia is through Dominique Grubisa’s Real Estate Rescue course. Great  deals are happening everywhere. There were over 11,000 distressed property listings last year in Australia. These include, foreclosure homes, repossessed homes and mortgagee sales. This totals 3.3% of total homes listed. Even in 2012 mortgagee and foreclosure sales were dramatically on the rise as people struggle to pay their debt in a consumer market.

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Click here to see Dominique explain her strategy and help you locate mortgagee and bankrupt sellers now. This is currently the most powerful strategy in Australia and is explained at her free event. If your looking for property development courses in Australia click here.

What you need to do to be successful in Real Estate?

The real estate game has changed dramatically in recent years. The old way of capital gains is long gone and leveraging and increasing debt is slowly becoming a thing of the past. In order to be successful in 2015 you need to have an edge up on the competition through strategies that work. There are many Secrets of successful house flippers. Success doesn’t come easy with any type of business and this is especially true with real estate. The best advice is to learn from those who have made all the mistakes and created a formula to success.

Dominique Grubisa Review

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If you came to this page looking for Dominique Grubisa Review your in the right place. Dominique us a real estate guru who has created a very simple and systematic approach to buying distressed property. She has made a fortune in real estate and her system is ideally suited for today’s market. Never before has there been a better time to go to see Dominique speak if your interested in making money. Luckily for us she teaches her strategy to anyone will to give up some free time and attend her seminar.

Dominique is a former barrister who specializes in debt reduction. She has been featured on Channel Ten, Nine, Seven, Current Affair and featured in Property Investor Magazine. Dominique has helped thousands of Australian’s find under market value homes and make huge financial returns from it. The strategies she teaches are very unique and powerful. Most of Dominique’s events are sold out as she has a very good track record with her teachings. There are A LOT of Dominique Grubisa reviews on the internet from high profile media sites explaining how she has helped everyday people deal with debt. Here a couple to prove her credibility.

  • Your Investment Property Magazine – Dominique Grubisa Reviewed
  • Nine MSN – World Debt Expert
  • Smart Property Investment

Dominique Grubisa’s Real Estate Rescue course could literally be the easiest way to make money in real estate. Why? With her tactics of finding distress sellers, getting the inside word on foreclosure auctions or mortgagee sales you can instantly gain equity in any purchase you make. Dominique has such a range of different techniques to acquire under market value homes. Check out the testimonials below. Dominique has been featured on popular TV networks such as:Dominique Grubisa on TV Networks

Finding Discounts in Google

If you have been googling for this term your on the right track. However, as mentioned earlier none of the best deals are found online. If you want to take a look at Dominique and her live event on youtube look at the videos below. This is once in a lifetime opportunity to expand your knowledge through education and advanced strategies which are easy to use and make instant money. Click here if you want a better understanding of what these deals are all about.

Any site that displays mortgagee sales, deceased estates or foreclosure homes is public information, therefore there is a lot more competition. Most sites we found there is either a cost involved or a email sign up.

Top resources for ‘Distressed Property Australia’

  • Zadel Property – The most effective strategies in Australia.
  • selectpropertyinvest.com.au – They list all types of deceased estates, mortgagee sales and development sites.
  • realestate.com.au – Use the advanced search options and search for keywords like ‘must sell’ ‘motivated seller’. Often these people need to sell quickly.
  • www.nmddata.com.au
  • www.pt.qld.gov.au
  • www.tag.nsw.gov.au
  • www.statetrustees.com.au/property-for-sale/property-details
  • www.publictrusteepropertyguide.com.au
  • http://australia.trovit.com/property/public-trustee-wa

There is a lot of competition with these deals as it’s public information.

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