The NEW way to make money in property

As the property market in Australia continues to change, investors are looking for advanced strategies to make money in property. Although it’s a lot house-moneyharder than it used to be there are still huge profits to be made. Investors with the right education can take advantage of the economy to produce outstanding results.

There are still a lot of opportunities to make a good living from foreclosure homes in Australia and distressed property.

The best time to invest in any market is when it’s at the bottom and the property market in Australia isn’t far from that. If the market were high it’s a lot harder to find the right deal to make money from.

The days of property doubling every seven years are over so people are looking to the experts to help them with their investments. As more property investment seminars are popping up people need to do their due diligence and make sure they aren’t investing in a scam.

There are many ways to spot a property investment scam and here are a few:

-Promising Too Much
Many scammers promise too much in return for your investment. This is a way of sucking you in easily as the returns are too good to deny.

-Selling You Property
If a seminar is trying to sell you property as part of their strategy they are going to profit from that sale. This is not in your best interest as they will often find you a deal that suits them.

If you are looking to attend a property course make sure they have good reviews online and a lot of experience. You never want to be the first to trial a new system when you’re investing your hard earned cash.

Some property investment courses have been banned in Australia so always do you research before attending.

So what strategies can we use in today’s flat market?

Property guru Stuart Zadel has 8 of Australia’s leading property entrepreneurs teaching the most effective ways to make your investments work for you.

Dominique Grubisa has helped 1000s of Australian’s get property way under market value from buying distressed property. Her strategy involves finding owners who are about to have their house repossessed and stepping in to help them out.

It’s a great way to gain instant equity. There are 1000s of properties taken by the banks each month and the owner gets nothing in return. It’s a great way to make a win/win situation for the owner and buyer.

Once you have the under market value property you will need the expertise of Cherie Barber. She will get your renovating business started on the right foot. The first thing Cherie recommends is getting a vinyl banner made up from This will quickly establish you as a legitimate business and create credibility in your field.

She is featured on Chanel Ten doing basic renovations on live TV. Cherie can turn any ugly house into profits quickly and cheaply. She has excellent contacts like her mortgage broker from Sydney to make you property renovations a reality.

These experts have a great reputation in the property industry. They have countless YouTube success stories to back up their strategies. Check out the video below of one of their students.

While there are talks of a ‘flat market’ if you get the right education you can still make money today. People are put of property seminars from the few scammers that ruin it for all. If you do your due diligence and find the right seminar it’s always worth the cost of the education.

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