Top 5 Courses for Real Estate Wealth

If you’re just getting into real estate investing or experienced and are looking to advance your knowledge then you should go to a property development course. The fact is property in Australia is an ever changing market and you need to stay on top of the pack to get the best results.

Although many people who are either making mistakes in buying homes or who are inexperienced are looking elsewhere to invest there is still a lot of money to be made in real estate. All you need is the right education and strategies to make money from buying the right kinds of under market value land or established homes in 2017.

Australia’s leader in making money from developing and flipping homes is with out a doubt Stuart Zadel.

He has helped hundred’s of Australian’s make a fortune from buying cheap homes in today’s changing market and he can help you too.

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Our List of Property Development Courses You Should Attend

Making money in the real estate industry is somehow difficult if you are not geared with the right knowledge and techniques. If you are a property investor and interested boosting your performance and keep up with the latest standards in the Australian market, then it is about time that you get knowledge from experienced educators.

For you to learn the strategies used by some of the most successful property developers in Australia, it is only best that you learn from experts. Choosing where to take such courses is easy as there are popular courses that are offered either for free or with minimal fee. Some of the top options you can consider choosing from are the following:

  1. Zadel Property Education

Stuart Zadel, CEO of the Zadel Property Education is among the trusted mentors when it comes to educating Australian’s about how to make money from real estate. There are already countless students who took his courses and are leaving testimonies of how he helped them with their careers.

In his seminar, you’ll gain access to a specialized strategies where you are provided with expert insights to the latest systems in the Australian market. The systems will help you in establishing your foundation to succeed regardless of the economic situation. You can learn about getting foreclosed homes considerably under market value and flip them for huge profits.

Most traditional strategies are no longer working and taking this course will introduce you to the latest and most effective strategies. Thousands already took the course and are inspired to excel in the new economy. Aside from the course, you can also take advantage of his live events, as you’ll also learn from the expert speakers in these activities.

Have a look at what some of Stuart’s students are saying..


And the PROOF these strategies are the best in Australia..

After buying distressed property

profit from foreclosure property

After buying distressed property

Home buying course

When you attend the free seminar you will also receive hundreds of dollars in free gifts!

Gifts from Zadel Property Education Seminar

Finding out simple strategies like how to buy foreclosure homes in Australia can set you apart from the competition. Once you know what to do with these cheap homes you can multiply your profits and become a full time developer.

  1. Bob Andersen- Billionaire Developer

With more than 3 decades of experience in development, Bob Andersen has been teaching real estate investors like you the methods that he used to achieve what he is now. Bob is an Australian billion dollar home and units developer that has been sharing the strategies and techniques he used to succeed in the industry. There are available video series and education series where he shares the step by step guide in succeeding in the industry. As an expert in the field, he has been one of the expert speakers in Zadel Property Education events.

Getting to know some of the skills in property development will give you the advantage on how you can gain more profits from every section you invest in.

You can see Bob Anderson on Linkedin here

  1. Naomi Findlay- Renovating and Flipping Expert

In Naomi’s course, you’ll get to know that making your home standout is essential in gaining more profits. It’s not enough that you complete the steps in developing your property. You should also learn how to give your house the “WOW” factor that’ll boost the number of your potential buyers. Since one of the key forms in developments is cosmetic renovations, you should also get a course or attend any event by Naomi Findlay.

She’ll share helpful information about renovating the property and turn it into a well-staged property that’ll make it easier for you to sell it at the price you want. As you learn more about this, you will notice that potential buyers will spend more time in your looking around during inspection than other properties.

  1. Bachelor of Property Economics and Development in University of Sunshine Coast

This program is basically designed to help you gain knowledge about the industry and at the same time offer you with practical experience. There are specialists units covered that will help hone your knowledge in property development, analysis and valuation, property economics, town planning, and a lot more. The final year in the course is where you’ll get a complete internship that’ll prepare you in facing the real world.

This is a great starter course for those who are interested in entering the real estate industry and want to make a solid foundation. After graduating, you can take more short courses to further improve your knowledge and skills.

  1.  Real Estate Course from the Griffith University

Another great starter course is this one from Griffith University. Aside from establishing a great foundation, you’ll also develop interpersonal and communication skills that are essential in achieving success in the field. In time, you’ll get the chance of collaborating with some of the tops property developers or investors and be able to deliver a liveable and sustainable environment.

Getting to know some of the top courses that you can take and the people behind them will give you an idea on how you can grab every opportunity in the future.

Why Attend These Courses?

There is nothing better with improving your knowledge and skills to make you more money. The help of a good mentor will give you the chance of achieving greater heights in your career and possibly achieve financial freedom in the future. Aside from improving your career, you also want to make sure that all your hard work will pay off and give you and your family a bright future.

When you first get into property development, you are opening more opportunities of preparing yourself in making the right decisions and potentially making more profits in the future. Yes, the thought of studying a new system may seem like a burden, but you’ll realize all the benefits once you finish a course. Honestly, you should think of it as an investment instead of a burden.

Exploring More Options

Though you can already make up your mind with these courses, there is nothing wrong with exploring more options. However, you must be careful with picking just about any courses you can find especially those you casually find online. Take time in choosing what course to take and where you can improve your skills more.

In your journey to succeeding in the real estate industry, continuous learning will help you in keeping up with the changes in the Australian market. It’ll guide you on new steps to take, useful strategies to improve, and what new techniques to try. Your mentors will not only share their knowledge but will also inspire you in breaking boundaries to finally attaining your personal and professional goals.

Before signing up to any property investment course it is recommended not to go to any course where they sell you property. Why? Because these ‘gurus’ only want you to sign up so they can make money from you by selling you property. This is a common scam and should be avoided at all costs. Never sign up to any property investment course without first doing your homework. Always search for reviews of these ‘experts’ from people who have been to their courses. Don’t trust people who troll the internet offering reviews without attending the seminars.

Never buy homes at any real estate eventthe new way to make money in property

A common tactic by some gurus is to try and sell you houses at these courses. There is a reason for this as they will be making a profit from the sale. It’s a common tactic to get a bit more out of each student. Most of the time the ‘deal’ is not that great but the exaggerate the figures to make it sound better.

The good news about Stuart Zadel’s free seminar is he will NEVER try to sell you a ‘deal’. It’s a purely educational event. There are multiple free gifts which can help you on your way to becoming successful in property investing but you can not buy property there.

Stuart has several experts which will teach you about their strategy which has made them A LOT of money. If you are don’t like working a 9 to 5 and want to make more money then you should go along to his seminar and learn these strategies.

When you attend Stuart’s course you will quickly find he is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He genuinely wants his students to succeed in property and he has set several goals to achieve. The first is to make 1000 prosperity millionaires.

Stuart explains that for every millionaire there is 10 jobs created for other people. Therefore if he can teach and create 1000 millionaires he is essentially creating 10,000 jobs! The Australian economy is a big talking point for Stuart and he is always trying to do his best to make it better.

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