Property Investment Seminars

There are a lot of different property investment seminars in Australia.  The hardest part is trusting the people behind the seminar to do the right thing by you. Here are a couple of rules you should follow when choosing a seminar:

  • Choose a seminar with a good reputation. If you have signed up to a ‘Get Rich Quick Through Property’ seminar we suggest you do your homework on the people running it and check for reviews from previous students
  • Never go to a seminar where they ‘set you up with a property deal’. The people running the seminar will be making money from your property deal and therefore will be pushing you towards buying the property which may not be ideal for you. If they are set to profit then they will be quite aggressive with there selling.
  • Make sure the event is free. Before buying any product or seminar you should always have the chance to go and see the experts for themselves. These courses claim to make you a lot of money and the good ones will if you follow their strategy. But you should always make sure you see them first and get the chance to ask questions before investing your time and money into the course.

So what is the best FREE seminar which ticks these boxes? There are countless testimonials showing Zadel Property Education to be head and shoulders above the rest.

Click here to see Stuart Zadel for FREE at Zadel Property EducationStuart at property investment seminar in Perth


Zadel Property Education has a reputation to which proves it’s effectiveness in investing in property. Out of all the property investment seminars Zadel Property has been around one of the longest. This proves these methods work and people are getting real results. Often people are sucked in to seminars where they guarantee unrealistic results. There is no doubt making money through any means is not easy. The good thing about Zadel Property Education is they provide you with cutting edge strategies AND how to stay on track with getting results.

One of the most powerful tools Stuart uses is mindset. Derived from the Think and Grow Rich book technique of envision the goal and having faith in your ability to achieve the goal. The mind is a very powerful tool and all the experts would agree that knowing how to get your mindset right is the first set towards becoming successful. Think and Grow Rich is the research into 500 of Americas richest men. It was a study which took place over 20 years and was designed to find out the hidden truth behind what make these men so successful. The study was done by a man called Andrew Carnegie. When you starting out investing or have a good idea how to invest this book will become your bible towards getting the right mindset. Having read Think and Grow Rich hundreds of times Stuart is an expert on how to correctly use you mind to get what you want.

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