Stuart Zadel Review

My Experience of ‘The Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference’

This Stuart Zadel review is based on my own experience of attending Stuart’s seminar and hearing him speak several times since first seeing him. In order to give you a personal review I’ll start from how I first found out about Stuart and what effect he has had on my life. I first heard about Stuart when I was living in Perth and saw an advertisement about his property entrepreneurs conference online I had just got a job at the local bottle shop and was working about 18hrs a week (just enough to cover rent, food and bills!). I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go see him speak. We were 50/50 weather it would be worth our time to spend a weekend away from going to the beach etc to learn about investing. Although we had no money or savings to invest we decided to give it a go and went along to Stuart’s seminar.

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After the first session in the seminar I was blown away with the content I was learning. I realized there were so many questions I had about investing, life, diet and my personal journey that were sitting unanswered in my head. I always knew I wanted to be successful but had no idea how to go about it. I walked out of each session becoming more and more confident and started walking around feeling like I knew a ‘secret’ about life that no one else knew. Stuart is easily up there with motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins. I felt above everyone with all the new knowledge I had gained. It was a very powerful feeling and over the course of the weekend I felt like all those questions I had were either answered or I knew how to answer them.

I started to put the lessons I learned into practice. I had a burning desire to achieve success and would not take no for an answer until I got what I wanted. Within a couple months of attending the property seminar I had quit my job and within a year I was earning over $100,000 per year. That was a huge goal of mine and I achieved it! I knew that my results were a direct result of learning from Stuart and taking action on the information he had given me.

We all received several gifts at his seminar. The most powerful of all those gifts was his ‘Think and Grow Rich’ book which he co-authored. You can grab a free copy of it by clicking on the picture, make sure enter the code 119688 and the book is free (you have to pay $1 shipping to prove your not a bot and they ship anywhere in Australia). I’m not much of a reader but after being so inspired I read it and it was a major part of my success. I believe that the combination of seeing Stuart speak and reading the book helped me a lot.

If I had not gone to the property seminar I would have made a lot of mistakes with any money I made. It would have been very difficult to move forward and support my family without the education I received from Stuart. Before the event I thought I could eventually buy an investment property and rent it out then rinse and repeat. The problem with this strategy is it would take 30 years to eventually own the property and if I leveraged it and brought more then I would have massive debt. This would have locked me into my job to make sure all mortgage payments were met. Who wants to be locked into a job for 30 years? Not me.

Anyone can be successful with the strategies Stuart teaches. The most important aspect of becoming successful in property and life is taking ACTION! You don’t have to be the smartest person in the world to be successful. Just get a good real estate education and do what works.

There are countless testimonials and Stuart Zadel reviews on youtube and they are all positive for a reason. If your looking for reviews in forums etc most of the people revewing Stuart either haven’t seen him talk or haven’t taken action. If you want to make positive changes in your life go along to the free property entrepreneurs conference and see Stuart for yourself.


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