Renovating For Profit

‘Renovating for profit’ is a course run by Australia’s renovation queen Cherie Barber. It is a fool proof way to turn ugly houses into fresh modern places which attract a lot of buyer attention. Cherie is a tireless worker and has helped many students make their fortune in property. She is more commonly seen to people in Australia on channel Tens ‘The Living Room’ where she proves her methods of renovating for profit in front of a national audience.

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Cherie Barber free Renovating for Profit DVDCherie’s methodical approach to renovating makes it easy for beginner investors to start their journey into property investment. She has a step by step booklet which covers everything from suburb due diligence to selling the final product. If you follow all the steps Cherie gives you it’s very hard to mess things up. Because Cherie has tried and tested all the techniques it saves you time and money making mistakes when renovating. All of the tactics she uses give you the edge over the competition and most students make back the cost of her course with one simple renovation.

Cherie Barber Review

Once you get the chance to see Cherie speak you will quickly understand why she has been so successful in renovating. She’s very motivated to achieve success and is very down to earth. Everything she does in renovating is documented and fine tuned to maximize profit with every project she does. At Stuart Zadel’s ‘Property Entrepreneur Conference’ it’s common to see Cherie before and after she speaks on stage talking with students about their projects.

CEO of “Renovating for Profit” Cherie is a multimillionaire, labeled as “Australia’s renovation Queen, regular featured on TV and  expert public speaker. She was born into an average income family in the western suburbs of Sydney. Cherie left high school early to work and help her family financially.

Cherie was destined to be a renovator. As a child she was inspired by her Father into renovating as she would watch him for hours on his tractor. When Cherie was 22 (in 1991) she brought her first property. It was a modest property and she did a simple cosmetic renovation and quickly flipped it. She made a quick return on that property and put it straight into project number 2 a structural renovation. Cheire lived in this property and held down a full time job at the same time.

Finding a passion for renovating Cherie quit her job in 2002 and jumped into full time renovating. This proved to be a great move as she made more money renovating than she did at work. Since then she has renovated over 50 properties worth more than $50million.

After having such great success in making money from renovating Cherie created the ‘Renovating for Profit’ course where she teaches her strategies which made her millions.

Cherie has been a finialist twice for the telstra Australian business woman of the year award.

Why is Cherie Barber Different?

We often get emails asking why Cherie Barber’s Renovating for Profit course better than any other course out there. The answer is simple. Cherie uses advanced tactics, provides ongoing support, and really cares about her students succeeding. One secret trick that Cherie does different is she puts 5 different offers on the same house. This is something that no one else teaches but once understood it makes your chances of getting cheap property much higher.

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